Our Commitments

A Committed Firm

Our commitments are embodied in our relationships with universities, our CSR project and the values that are at the heart of our everyday work.

Engagement / 01

Our lawyers take part in seminars and teach Master II / LLM courses at university.

We are very proud of the ELLINT prize that we set up in 2020. The ELLINT prize is awarded in recognition of one or more articles on a particular topic of French employment and labour law (the topic changes each year).

Intended for students in Master 1 or Master 2 courses, the aim of the prize is to reward the best articles in English dealing with French employment and labour law topics. It helps raise the profile of French employment and labour law abroad. The deadline for applications is set to 31st March of each year.

The jury includes academics, a partner of our English ELLINT partner firm and one of our partners.

We welcome interns, from secondary school pupils to bar school students. We follow our interns over time and train them with enthusiasm.

We seat on the jury of public-speaking contests.

Engagement / 02

MGG Legal shows a strong commitment to its CSR project, which is discussed, developed and brought to life by all members of the firm: lawyers, legal practitioners, assistants, etc. Given that we audit our clients on these topics and set-up their CSR policies, we feel the need to be consistent and do the same within our own firm.

Developing both women and men is a priority and our firm has a strong focus on in-house training, offering specialised support to the team (weekly English lessons, residencies with our correspondents in Germany or in England, drafting of articles and news items, webinars, membership of lawyers’ associations and think tanks, etc.) and maintaining a close link with various training institutions and universities where our lawyers teach on a regular basis.

The firm’s CSR project is also based on a strong commitment to ethics (personal data protection, transparency and conflicts of interests) and solidarity with many mentoring and volunteering initiatives (annual charity races).

Keen to reduce its environmental footprint, MGG Legal is a 100% digital firm (networked databases, collaborative tools, etc.) and has been paperless for several years. We also apply a strict travel policy (reducing polluting travels by 1/3 in 2 years) thanks to a very efficient network of correspondents in France and abroad. To that end, MGG Legal also uses IT tools (laptop, softphone, cloud-based documentation…) and software (Teams, 3CX phone application,…) that enable seamless availability with no travel required.

Added to these commitments aimed at fostering technical excellence within our teams, we are also very determined to value diversity (diversification of recruitment profiles, flexible work arrangements), while ensuring that everyone gets recognition through associate programmes, participative management and recognition of everyday achievements.

We are committed to offer our employees a quality of life at work commensurate to the efforts made (group events fostering cohesion: seminars, workshops, travels and meetings with ELLINT teams, etc.) and to ensure a healthy and secure work environment.

Our motto: Promote the growth of the collective spirit every day.

We do not compromise on the quality of our work. We are available and easy to reach. We circulate information seamlessly and we share our experiences. We welcome feedback on our services, and we constantly strive to progress. We handle complex issues from a simple and practical perspective. We provide our clients with the tools necessary to keep up to date with employment and labour law.