About Us ​

MGG Legal is built on strong values and beliefs. Companies are at the heart of what we do. To assist our clients in each of their projects, our firm has chosen to prioritise innovation, agility and understanding international issues since it was established in 2010. 


Distinction EMEA LEgal 500 pour MGG comme meilleur cabinet d'avocat
Distinction EMEA LEgal 500 pour MGG comme cabinet d'avocat recommandé

Since 2010, MGG Legal has been the leading independent employment and labour law firm with a strong international focus. 

Coming from the best international business law firms, all our lawyers are bilingual or even trilingual and have a deep knowledge of different foreign legal environments. Building on these skills, we can apply a different approach to the law and find the most appropriate solutions for each of our clients, whether SMEs, intermediate businesses or large French groups as well as foreign companies investing in France.

In 2020, MGG Legal decided to share its values with employment and labour law students and created the ELLINT Award, which considers French employment and labour law from an international perspective.

An active member of EELA, ABA and of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce, we are in a position to draw from a worldwide network of experts in order to better serve our clients whose needs go beyond French law.

ELLINT (“Employment & Labour Lawyers International”) is an international network of independent law firms dedicated to employment and labour law, which enables our clients to benefit from a network of employment and labour law experts for their transactions abroad (merger/acquisition, restructuring, secondment, expatriation, investment).

Today, the ELLINT Networks brings together 200 lawyers based in 15 European countries and China.

Since 2018, our German Desk has been assisting German, Swiss and Austrian clients based in France or wishing to establish, in part or completely, in the country. Our team speaks German and has a good knowledge of the German corporate culture.

MGG Legal is focused on its international development and works with bilingual lawyers. The Firm has built over time a strong and close relationship with several English-speaking countries and particularly with Canada. In this regard, the Firm provides its services to many companies coming from different Canadian provinces having running businesses in France or looking into settling their activities in France. Furthermore, with support from longstanding partners based in Canada, MGG Legal works with French companies which want to continue their development in Canada and considering seconding French employees overseas. The Firm is a member and partner of the French-Canadian Chamber of Commerce since 2023. With its network and its extended knowledge of the economic environment and the business practices between France and Canada, MGG Legal offers tailor-made operational support to its clients.

Chosen from the best, our lawyers only practice employment and labour law. This hyper specialisation guarantees the highest level of service. Our clients – SMEs, intermediate businesses, groups (listed or not), associations, investment funds or state-owned companies – intend to benefit from an exhaustive and rigorous expertise. Every day, we innovate with our techniques, our training tools and our working practices. 

Innovating through technique means using creativity in the day-to-day management of a traditional employment and labour law practice as well as developing a strong expertise in emerging areas (enquiries, ethical alerts and compliance, CSR, GDPR, innovative remuneration policies and employee shareholding, platforms, changes in the public sector). 

  • We innovate by improving our CSR process every day.

  • We innovate by training with the best: our HR or legal clients, our colleagues (in the fields of criminal law, tax law and business law, the members of ELLINT with whom we communicate every day) and the various experts with whom we work on a regular basis (finance specialists, accountants, communication specialists, experts on environmental issues or training, labour psychologists or mediators).

  • We innovate every day by applying smooth and agile working practices in our reactive and reliable team (legal design, interactive calendars, adapted communication tools).

  • Our training tools such as our multilingual app, which is both practical and useful, our regular podcasts, our monthly webinar on employment and labour law news “1 heure chrono”, our webinars on specific subjects or à la carte.

  • Our technology tools such as Integribox or our offer of outsourced site allowing our clients to manage their confidential files.


“The team led by Marijke Granier-Guillemarre combines “a high level of skills and an objective and constructive approach of cases”, as well as showing a “very specific expertise” and the “ability to handle unusual cases”. The team develops a traditional business, while also managing issues around the social optimization of remunerations”
Legal 500,

The firm’s agility rests on the belief that lawyers, beyond their technical excellence, are also entrepreneurs and project managers. In any context, whether corporate transactions, crisis situations, reorganisations or transnational cases, we organise, we structure and we coordinate the different players to offer a comprehensive solution to our clients.

We approach employment and labour law conscious of the other areas of business law and in synergy with other fields of expertise. 

We have an understanding of the related issues in the areas of tax law, business law and administrative law thanks to our network of colleagues in France and abroad. 

We believe that the best way to assist our clients depends on our ability to collaborate with the best professionals (chartered accountants, as well as strategy, communication, outplacement, payroll and immigration specialists), setting-up crisis units as part of complex transactions or operations involving risks. 

Our corporate culture is based on sharing, strict adherence to ethical standards and strong commitments, in particular our team-led CSR project, our sponsorship campaigns and charity initiatives.