Are interns entitled to leave under French Employment law?

Young people could perform an internship within a company as part of their school or university curriculum. Subject to compliance with some legal conditions, these young people are not bound to the company by an employment contract and are therefore not employees.

The French Labour Code provides for some specific legal provisions for interns regarding leave.

  • A right to leave in case of pregnancy, maternity, paternity or adoption

In case of pregnancy, maternity, paternity, or adoption, interns have a right to the same leave as employees.

  • The French Labour Code provisions regarding paid vacation do not apply to interns

Interns do not benefit from paid vacation.

However, if the duration of the internship is more than two months, the internship agreement must provide for the possibility for the intern to benefit from vacation.

Contrary to the rules applicable for employees, the payment of such vacation is not mandatory. In addition, there is no legal provision for the duration of the leave.

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