“BACK TO BASICS”: A BRAND NEW SERIES OF WEBINARS BY MGG LEGAL – First episode: Navigating through the French Employment Tribunal system

MGG Legal is committed to offer to its clients a wide range of training courses to keep them abreast with legal news in Employment Law.

In this regard, we believe that companies should be made aware of the technical and legal issues that are likely to bear a direct impact on their organization.

MGG Legal has therefore decided to put together a series of short-format training courses (30 minutes) on the basics of French Labor Law in order to provide companies with practical solutions to the issues that they are likely to come accross on a regular basis.

The first episode of this new series will address the French Employment Tribunal proceedings Employers are indeed often unsettled by the functioning of Employment Tribunals, its habits and customs and the uncertainty of the result.

It is our opinion that this uncertainty can be managed efficiently provided that employers are able to anticipate the claims, that they understand the main steps of the proceedings and that they implement the appropriate process for the handling of individual matters upstream.

Our objective on September 28, 2023 at 3PM CET is to share our experience of recent cases that we have handled and provide you with some best practices and guidelines to get you more familiar with these proceedings.

This webinar will be hosted by Paul Romatet.

If you want to register, please follow this link: https://app.livestorm.co/p/b47e9154-a052-4dc9-a172-9c81272e0cf6/live?s=0ebfd5ef-4e1d-4d96-b53f-d8b0fa56668e