How to implement and manage a social plan in France : a guide for foreign employers

While we are entering a period of economic uncertainty (with a war raging at our doorstep, a global inflation, a dramatic surge in the interest …

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French employers are invited to facilitate cycling to work and have at their disposal several schemes aiming to financially encourage employees to use bikes to …

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Don’t rely on Chat GPT to write your dismissal letter

With the arrival of Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot launched by OpenAI on November 30, 2022, many questioned the possibility of using this device …

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While the United States authorities are proposing to ban certain restrictive covenants, what are the applicable rules in France?

Restrictive covenants are clauses in a contract which prohibit an employee from competing with their former employer for a certain period of time after the …

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How to bring a claim before the French Employment Tribunal?

In France, Employment Tribunals (“Conseil de prud’hommes”) have jurisdiction over all disputes arising from an employment agreement (for example, termination of the contract, unpaid salaries), …

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French working-time-in-days-schemes: eligible employees are those enjoying a genuine autonomy

In a recent decision of January 25th, 2023, the French Supreme Court gave new hints to help companies define whether or not an employee meets …

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