Dismissal for gross misconduct: speed is of the essence

Case law According to a well-established case law, gross misconduct is defined as any act attributable to the employee that constitutes a breach of the …

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Mutually agreed termination (“rupture conventionnelle”) : the termination agreement can be signed on the same day as the meeting

Under French law, the mutually agreed termination (“MTA”) of an employment contract allows for an amicable termination, to which both parties consent. There must first …

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Unfair dismissal of an employee who made private racist comments via her work email address

In a decision dated March 6, 2024, the Labor Division of the French Supreme Court ruled that racist and xenophobic comments made in a private …

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Falling while removing snow from a car is considered to be a work-related accident (“accident de trajet”)

In a recent case before the French Supreme Court, an employee had fallen and hurt himself while removing snow from his car in an outdoor …

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The employer is not bound to compensate the employee for the periods between fixed-term contracts even if such contracts are recharacterized as one permanent contract

Facts Between 1996 and 2010, an employee was employed by a company as a part-time sales representative, under a series of fixed-term contracts. Some contracts …

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Failure to comply with the daily rest period oligation: the employee suffers some harm per se

Since 2016, the French Supreme Court had given the impression that they were setting aside the notion of the ‘per se harm’ that would result …

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